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Placement in the GSL State Tournament will be determined by each teams’ ranking tallied up after each tournament. Choose your division to see current State Rankings.

9U State Rankings

10U State Rankings

11U State Rankings

12U State Rankings

13U State Rankings

14U State Rankings



9U OpenTeamTotal PointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(25)Silver 2(10)Bronze 1(10)Entry(10)Playing UpWins(10)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(25)Silver 2(10)Bronze 1(10)Entry(10)Playing Up
1Prospect United11050011500500000100
2PSP Baseball Club1105111215050250002010
4Climbers 9030011300500000100
3Eastside 9U9030011300500000100
5Eastlake Arsenal6531011300025000100
7New Level Xtreme5521011200025000100
8Stilly Venom3012011100000100100
9River City A's30220120000000100
10SBC Spartans Green30220120000000100
11Bothell Black Sox 9U25111110500000100
12LW Select200301100000001010
13WA Rush 20120110000000100
14City Baseball20120110000000100
15North Shore 1502110500000100
16Blues BBC1003010000000100
17Silverdale Sluggers 1003010000000100
18Montesano Bulldogs1003010000000100
19Rock Creek Select1003010000000100

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