Placement in the GSL State Tournament will be determined by each teams’ ranking tallied up after each tournament. Choose your division to see current State Rankings. These ranking have been updated to reflect those participating in the GSL State Tournament. CLICK TO VIEW TOURNAMENT

9U State Rankings

10U State Rankings

11U State Rankings

12U State Rankings

13U State Rankings

14U State Rankings


10U Majors State Rankings

10U MajorsTotal PointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)EntriesGold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(20)Silver 2(10)Bronze 1(5)

10U AAA State Rankings

10U AAAPointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(20)Silver 2(10)Bronze 1(5)

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