September 17th: The youth and high school schedules have been set for the 2021 tournament season. Our indoor events over the winter have all been approved (always subject to change) and registrations for all events will open up October 5th. All entry fees paid prior to Jan. 1st are 100% refundable or creditable if an event is postponed due to COVID-19. All teams will also be eligible to receive a $50.00 discount when paying prior to January 1st. Teams paying between January 1st and two weeks prior to the event will all pay full price. Registration fees collected within two weeks of an event will have additional fees.


Placement in the GSL State Tournament will be determined by each teams’ ranking tallied up after each tournament. Choose your division to see current State Rankings. These ranking have been updated to reflect those participating in the GSL State Tournament. CLICK TO VIEW TOURNAMENT

9U State Rankings

10U State Rankings

11U State Rankings

12U State Rankings

13U State Rankings

14U State Rankings


10U Majors State Rankings

10U MajorsPointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(20)Silver 2(10)
Rijo Sanders1707002000
PSP Powerhouse1154301100
New Level Xtreme452100100
SBC Spartans Green452200100
Prospect U - Unay202100000
River City A's151110000
Liberty Select101200000
Stods Vikings101200000
City Navy50210000

10U AAA State Rankings

10U AAAPointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(20)Silver 2(10)
IBC Purple904001000
Eastlake Arsenal - Iorala803001000
Montesano Bulldogs752011000
Rijo Athletics - Deehring553300100
Shoreline Royals553300100
WA Rush401110100
SBC Spartans Black252010000
Arsenal Baseball Club202100000
C-Town Baseball202100000
Lynn Valley Angels202100000
SBC Spartans White202100000
Lake Stevens Riptide202100000
Redmond Rebels202100000
Ellensburg Blues202400000
Twin Pines202700000
LW Select101200000
Snohomish Pilchuckers101200000
Wildcats Baseball Club101200000
Premier Baseball101200000
Nisqually Elite101200000
Prospect U - Boyovich1011000000
Canadian Sluggers50210000
Eastlake Arsenal - Storment00300000

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