POSTED AUG. 8TH: All events in Phase 1 and Phase 2 counties will remain cancelled unless counties begin to open up facilities. We have access to some phase 3 county fields and some games available in the Grays Harbor area. If teams are interested in traveling to Grays Harbor and are able to follow all guidelines required to make it work please email us. These are many times last minute and teams need to be flexible with their travel. CREDITS AND REFUNDS – The season has begun to wind down so we will start processing refunds and admin fees next week. Teams who have paid online will get processed first (faster process). It is our goal to have all refunds returned to teams by Labor Day weekend. This is a massive project and we will work diligently on it.


Placement in the GSL State Tournament will be determined by each teams’ ranking tallied up after each tournament. Choose your division to see current State Rankings. These ranking have been updated to reflect those participating in the GSL State Tournament. CLICK TO VIEW TOURNAMENT

9U State Rankings

10U State Rankings

11U State Rankings

12U State Rankings

13U State Rankings

14U State Rankings

11U Majors State Rankings

11U MajorsPointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(25)Silver 2(10)
Federal Way Knights1909202000
SBC Spartans Green1707202000
Rijo Athletics8030050000
WS Respect654200100
River City A's452100100
New Level Xtreme401110100
IBC Purple202100000
Seattle Senators202100000
Shoreline Royals101200000
Washington A's Purple101500000

11U AAA State Rankings

11U AAAPointsWins(10)Losses(0)Ties(5)Gold 1(50)Gold 2(25)Silver 1(25)Silver 2(10)
NW Impact1656211200
Savage Baseball1005101000
Greenberry Athletics853011000
Dragons Elite452100100
IBC Gold202100000
Lake Stevens Riptide202100000
MI Islanders Maroon202100000
West Valley Baseball202200000
Kitsap Osprey202300000
Baden Black151110000
Mavericks Northwest151410000
MI Islanders White101200000
Mill Creek Mavericks101200000
SBC Spartans White101200000
TC Kings101200000
Kenmore Cardinals50110000
Switch Baseball00300000
Plateau Avengers00300000

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