7th Annual GSL All State Games

July 31st through August 1st
Tacoma | Puyallup, WA


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2021 All State Games

presented by Northwest Elite Baseball

This event is for players who have been identified as team leaders, standout players, and exceptional teammates during one of our events. It is our goal to get as many of these players on the field together for this event in hopes that these players will build relationships with each other that will allow them to continue being leaders of youth and high school baseball in the Pacific Northwest.  There will be staff from GSL Tournaments, Northwest Elite, and Pacific Northwest Regional Baseball at all games evaluated players for different events and showcases these respected programs attend each year.

ASG21 Player Recommendation



  • Saturday, July 31st: 13U and 14U
  • Sunday, August 1st: 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U


  • All players can wear their summer teams’ jersey – we will provide an All State Games shirt (not meant for game use)
  • We encourage all players to wear white pants – not mandatory.


  • All games will be played with the following bats: USA Stamped, BBCOR, or Wood.

Homerun Derby:

  • The Homerun Derby will have no bat restrictions.

Saturday, July 31st – 14U All State Games Schedule
9:00am: Homerun Derby on Heritage Field #1
10:30am: Game 1 @ Heritage Field #5 | (1st Base Dugout) PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base Dugout) Northwest Elite
1:00pm: Game 2 @ Heritage Field #5 | Northwest Elite vs. PNW Regional Baseball

PNW Regional BaseballColbyLeeDiamond Sports bulldogs 14U Donovan2024CRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballAnthonyFlasheyPSP 14U Steiger2025C1BNo
PNW Regional BaseballJacksonKeetonUP Vikings 14U20251B2BNo
PNW Regional BaseballCaydenBridgemanBulldogs Blue 14u20251BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballZackSiegerWashington A'S20252BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballKhristianPromSnohomish Havoc Select2025SS2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballGavinJohnsonKirkland Merchants20252BSSNo
PNW Regional BaseballLandonWhitakerSnohomish Select Havoc20252BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballLandonSmithPSP 14U Steiger20263BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballGavinBradyHavoc 2025OFSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballJackPeterson PSP 14U Steiger2025SS3BYes
Northwest EliteLucasEntlerSnohomish Select Havoc2025C3BYes
Northwest EliteAnthonySchollSeattle Select2025RHP3BYes
Northwest EliteTannerMillspaughTC Saints20251BLHPYes
Northwest EliteCaleb Anardi Saints 14u Elite20252B3BYes
Northwest EliteReeseLogsdonCity Baseball2025SSRHPYes
Northwest EliteNolanRoweNisqually Elite2025SSCYes
Northwest EliteCameronCocke14 U vikings2025OF1BNo
Northwest EliteNathanSotoDiamond Sports Bulldogs2024OF2BNo
Northwest EliteKadenKoehlerSnohomish Havoc2025RHP3BYes
Northwest EliteCameronGreenSouth Sound Avalanche2026RHPOFYes
Northwest EliteZacharyFrinkDiamond Sports Bulldogs Blue 14U20253BOFYes

Saturday, July 31st – 13U All State Games Schedule
10:00am: Game #1 @ Heritage Field #3 | (1st Base Dugout) PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base Dugout) Northwest Elite
12:15pm: Game #2 @ Heritage Field #3 | PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base Dugout) GSL Tournaments
2:30pm: Game #3 @ Heritage Field #3 | Northwest Elite vs. GSL Tournaments
5:00pm: Homerun Derby on Heritage Field #4

PNW Regional BaseballCarterPuddyDS Bulldogs Red 13u20251B3BNo
PNW Regional BaseballSteven (William)AlsethEBA - Edmonds Baseball Association 13u20261B2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballBrayden RuppOak harbor wildcats20252BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballJonahYangBaseball Beyond Border 13U20263BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballJonahSmithNisqually Elite20253B1BYes
PNW Regional BaseballCameronBainNew Level Extreme Henkel20263BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballBraydenFlaugherMavricks2026C2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballTrevelyanPodawiltzEdmonds Baseball Association2026COFYes
PNW Regional BaseballHarveyLiebermanRawlings Tigers Quatro 13U2026LHP1BYes
PNW Regional BaseballAndre Titus Seattle Select 2025OFLHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballLandanHaltermanNisqually Elite2026RHP3BYes
PNW Regional BaseballLiamRhoadsRawlings Tigers 2026SS3BNo
GSL TournamentsColeMillerSaints 13u20251B3BYes
GSL TournamentsDavidHammonds JrPSP 13U 20262BRHPYes
GSL TournamentsKelly FiskDiamond sports Bulldogs red 13u20253BSSYes
GSL TournamentsDominicWeemsNew level Xtreme 13u20263BRHPYes
GSL TournamentsBradenFrenchCity Navy 13U and 14U (Guest)2026CSSYes
GSL TournamentsDevinTepSeattle Rawlings Tigers 13U2025LHP1BYes
GSL TournamentsKeeganPeckDiamond Sports BULLDOGS 13u2025OFLHPYes
GSL TournamentsSamCourtneyNone2026RHPCYes
GSL TournamentsCalBullockPAC2026SS2BYes
GSL TournamentsMcCreaCurfmanMavericks 13U2026SSRHPYes
GSL TournamentsJustusSchmidtProspect United Premier 13U2025SSRHPYes
Northwest EliteWilliamRohrbacherCity Baseball20261B3BYes
Northwest EliteMaleeqRazzaqNew level extreme 20262BSSNo
Northwest EliteJackCochranNew Level DJaxx 13u20263BOFYes
Northwest EliteMakhaiMertonBaseball Beyond Borders20263BRHPYes
Northwest EliteAnthonyCasoChase Baseball2026COFNo
Northwest EliteCalebSoaresNisqually Elite2026COFNo
Northwest EliteMilesMartinPAC Baseball2026OFCYes
Northwest EliteQuinnBundyRawlings Tigers 13U Quatro2025RHP2BYes
Northwest EliteSeanEvansNew Level Xtreme Henkel2026RHPOFYes
Northwest EliteNolanBayne13U Kitsap Ospreys2025SS3BYes
Northwest EliteFinnLeachPSP2025SS2BYes
Northwest EliteCooperBurdickOspreys 13U2026OFSSYes

Sunday, August 1st – 12U All State Games Schedule
9:00 am: Homerun Derby @ Heritage Field #4
10:30am: Game #1 @ Heritage Field #4 | (1st Base Dugout) PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base Dugout) NW Elite
12:45pm: Game #2 @ Heritage Field #4 | PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base Dugout) GSL Tournaments
3:00pm: Game #3 @ Heritage Field #1 | NW Elite vs. GSL Tournaments

PNW Regional BaseballDavidSmithOak Harbor Wildcats20261BOFYes
PNW Regional BaseballTobyKleinerBBB20261BLHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballGageToddNW Blaze20272BOFYes
PNW Regional BaseballBrayden Vartanian West sound seawolves baseball club2027RHP1BYes
PNW Regional BaseballLucienAlabicIssaquah Spartans (Green)2026SSOFYes
PNW Regional BaseballKingstonEdwardsBaseball Beyond Borders2026SS2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballKolsonHendrickson Monte Bulldogs2027SS2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballNolanEnghusenBaden Black Sox 12u2027SS2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballTrevinSalme90Ten2027SSRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballJaydenStacyNw Impact 20271B3BYes
Northwest EliteLandonRowleyWhatcom Prep20271B3BYes
Northwest EliteBraydenEbbesenWhatcom Prep20272BOFYes
Northwest EliteAlexKelley Bulldogs 12U Red20263BSSYes
Northwest EliteGavinBodeSpartans Green 12U20273B1BYes
Northwest EliteRyanLuebkeDS Bulldogs 12U Red2027CRHPYes
Northwest EliteOliverStevens Aces2026RHP1BYes
Northwest EliteGunnarTweitWhatcom Prep2026SSRHPYes
Northwest EliteTony MedinaKitsap County Rebels 2026SS3BYes
Northwest EliteKysonSayamnet90Ten2027SSOFYes
Northwest EliteJohnnyTurnerDS Bulldogs 12U Red2026SSRHPYes
GSL TournamentsDawsynAndersonNW Blaze 12u20273B1BYes
GSL TournamentsKalebCopelandNW Blaze 12U20263BRHPYes
GSL TournamentskoichiCastroNW BLAZE2026CSSYes
GSL TournamentsRyanHarringtonNorth Sound Tritons2027OF3BYes
GSL TournamentsJacobHayesSammamish Spartans 2026RHPOFYes
GSL TournamentsJayceRidenSBC Spartans Green2027RHP3BYes
GSL TournamentsCooperHordykVikings2027RHP3BYes
GSL TournamentsJaxonEllisonSpartans2027SSOFYes
GSL TournamentsKevinEllis12U Spartans Green2026OFCNo
GSL TournamentsChaseBeningerNW Blaze 12U20273B1BYes
GSL TournamentsBlakeSmithAces
GSL TournamentsReeseRobertsNorth Sound Tritons

Sunday, August 1st – 11U All State Games Schedule
10:00am: Game #1 @ Heritage Field #1 | (1st Base Dugout) GSL 10 Majors vs. (3rd Base Dugout) PNW Regional Baseball
10:00am: Game #2 @ Heritage Field #2 | (1st Base Dugout) Northwest Elite vs. (3rd Base Dugout) GSL Tournaments
10:00am: Game #3 @ Heritage Field #3 | (1st Base Dugout) Team Maikai vs. (3rd Base Dugout) Team Creaser

12:15pm: Game #4 @ Heritage Field #1 | GSL 10 Majors vs. GSL Tournaments
12:15pm: Game #5 @ Heritage Field #2 | Northwest Elite vs. Team Maikai
12:15pm: Game #6 @ Heritage Field #3 | PNW Regional Baseball vs. Team Creaser

3:00pm: Homerun Derby @ Heritage Field #4

GSL 10 MajorsDylanMarxRock Creek Select 10U20291BOFYes
GSL 10 MajorsAutzenMcDowellRock Creek 10u 20292B3BYes
GSL 10 MajorsKasenSkrivanNew Level Xtreme 10u Skrivan20292BOFYes
GSL 10 MajorsGreysonGarzaNew Level Xtreme 10u- Skrivan20293B1BYes
GSL 10 MajorsCrewWilliamsonNew Level Diamond Jaxx 10u2028C2BYes
GSL 10 MajorsCalebNovickNarrows 10U2029OFSSYes
GSL 10 MajorsEastonCameronRock Creek Select 10U2029SS2BYes
GSL 10 MajorsHunterOlsenRock Creek Select 10U2029SS3BYes
GSL 10 MajorsChristopherMarkowitzRock Creek Select 10U2029SSCYes
GSL 10 MajorsSpencer HarthornNarrows 10U2029SSRHPYes
PNW Regional Baseball
PNW Regional Baseball
TrevorParkerWhatcom Prep20281BLHPYes
PNW Regional Baseball
Alexander Card Shoreline Royals 20283BOFYes
PNW Regional Baseball
ReeceTottenBulldogs 11u 2027CRHPYes
PNW Regional Baseball
Riley Ramirez Vikings U11 Blue2028C1BYes
PNW Regional Baseball
JudahInmanShowtime North 11u2028LHP1BYes
PNW Regional Baseball
DanielCrossanImpact / Shelton 2026RHP3BYes
PNW Regional Baseball
RileyCarlsonWhatcom Prep 11U2028SS2BYes
PNW Regional Baseball
LiamEppersonDiamond Sports Bulldogs2028SSRHPNo
PNW Regional BaseballColinClemRock Creek Select2028SS2BYes
PNW Regional Baseball
NW EliteDevin AndersonShowtime 11u North20281BCYes
NW EliteCarsonDietscheBulldogs 11u20272BOFYes
NW EliteAlexBaleBulldogs 11U20283BRHPYes
NW EliteBrendanLiliequistBulldogs 11u2028COFYes
NW EliteRylan Taguchi Aces/PSP2028C2BYes
NW EliteCameronWesterdahlNew Level Xtreme 11U2028OF3BYes
NW EliteLoganDealKitsap Ospreys2028RHP3BYes
NW EliteColeFinrowSnohomish Aces2028SSRHPYes
NW EliteKohen MeyerNisqually Elite 11U2028SSSSYes
NW EliteTrentonSaywersNisqually Elite 2028LHP1BYes
GSL TournamentsHunterGloor11U Bulldogs20271BOFYes
GSL TournamentsRyver HansonShowtime North20282B3BNo
GSL TournamentsNolanLarsenProspect United 11U2028C1BYes
GSL TournamentsTylerJensenUP VIKS u112029C3BNo
GSL TournamentsMaxwellHunkeBulldogs 11u2027LHP1BYes
GSL TournamentsAidenPetrieProspect United 11U2028OF3BYes
GSL TournamentsAndrewEstesDriveline 11U2028RHPOFYes
GSL TournamentsNoahChongStods Vikings2027SS3BYes
GSL TournamentsKazuGriffinNW Reign 11u2028SSOFYes
GSL TournamentsBraydenBeasonKitsap Ospreys 20282B3BYes
Team Maika'i
Team Maika'i
RyanVaughanAces 20292BCYes
Team Maika'i
CraigSaleNARROWS 11U20292BSSYes
Team Maika'i
DanielSleeterNarrows 11u2028SSCYes
Team Maika'i
JacksonSpencerSammamish Spartans2028SSRHPYes
Team Maika'i
CadeSchunemanSBC Spartans 11U Green2029CRHPYes
Team Maika'i
WilliamTipperyNarrows 11u2029C1BYes
Team Maika'i
Team Maika'iBlaiseBrownNarrows2028OFSSYes
Team Maika'i
Team Maika'i
ChaseAtteberyNarrows 11u2028RHPSSYes
Team CreaserKianChristiansenMallards20281BOFYes
Team CreaserCalvinDossettBulldogs 11u20273BOFYes
Team CreaserSamPattersonUP Vikings 11U White20283BRHPYes
Team CreaserLoganWongStod's 11U Vikings2028C3BYes
Team CreaserTravis MeadWhatcom Prep 2028COFNo
Team CreaserJacksonShepardShowtime 11u North2027RHP3BYes
Team CreaserTylerHamiltonMallards2028RHPOFYes
Team CreaserOliverSetterbergAces Snohomish2028SSCYes
Team CreaserMaxBraunsteinWhatcom Prep2028SSRHPYes
Team CreaserJonathanTealNew Level Xtreme 10U2028SSRHPYes
Team CreaserO'SheaJonesCavalry2028OFRHPYes

Sunday, August 1st – 9-10U All State Games Schedule
1:00pm: Homerun Derby on Heritage Field #5
3:00pm: Game 1 (8 inning game) @ Heritage Field #2 | (1st Base) PNW Regional Baseball vs. (3rd Base) NW Elite

5:15pm: Game 2 (8 inning game) @ Heritage Field #2 | Northwest Elite vs. PNW Regional Baseball

TeamFirst NameLast NameSummer TeamGradPos 1Pos 2Do you pitch?
PNW Regional BaseballRylanKunceBulldogs 10U20281B3BYes
PNW Regional BaseballMasonLawrence9u NL Diamond Jaxx20301BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballTylerReyesWhatcom Prep 10U20282BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballRyderRadasaRochester Renegades20292BOFYes
PNW Regional BaseballGabrielKorthNW Blaze Maroon20292B3BYes
PNW Regional BaseballColtonAudetteNew Level Diamond Jaxx 9u20302BSSYes
PNW Regional BaseballCormacSmith-Richard10u Bulldogs20283BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballClaytonKnutsonRenegades20293BRHPYes
PNW Regional BaseballJettTaylorNew Level Xtreme 9U20303B2BNo
PNW Regional BaseballLucasConnawayDiamond Sports 10u Bulldogs2029C2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballKaedanSavage9U Diamond Jaxx2029C2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballLiamClemRock Creek Select 10u2030C2BYes
PNW Regional BaseballRoryIrwinMallards2028SSRHPYes
Northwest EliteBlaneMolmenBulldogs 10U20291BOFYes
Northwest EliteAntonioFosterNew Level Xtreme20301BLHPYes
Northwest EliteCaiAndersonDiamond Sports Bulldogs 10U20292BSSYes
Northwest EliteJaxsonDominiakDiamond Sports Saints20292BCYes
Northwest EliteJaxonJacobsNL Diamond Jaxx20302BOFYes
Northwest EliteConnorLarsonWhatcom Prep 10U20293B1BYes
Northwest EliteDavidHerreraWest Sound Seawolves20293BSSYes
Northwest EliteMasynMcmillenRock creek 10u20303BSSNo
Northwest EliteKohenWillsNew Level 9u2030C3BYes
Northwest EliteLouieSeitzNew Level Xtreme 8U2030C3BYes
Northwest EliteCarsonWesterdahlNew Level Xtreme 9U2030OF3BYes
Northwest EliteAxelEricksonWhatcom Prep2029SSCYes

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