Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament

May 2nd through May 3rd
Tacoma, WA | Fife, WA


  • AGE DIVISIONS8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors (9/10U AAA is no leadoff/dropped third. 11-14U AAA is played with same rules as Majors but are typically less physically developed teams)
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • BAT RULESUSA Bat Standard
  • FORMAT2 pool play games and single elimination brackets. Amount of teams determines gold, silver, and bronze brackets
  • Ft. Steilacoom
  • Dacca Park
  • Ft. Steilacoom
  • SCHEDULEAll teams need to be available to play Saturday at 8:00am
  • GATE FEE$3.00 per day at SERA Park
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4th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament


Who’s Coming

AVAIL.9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1IBC PurpleSpartans GreenIBC PurpleIBC PurpleStods SelectStods Vipers
2Stods KnightsRock Creek SelectSBC Spartans GreenShowtime North RedTC SaintsNL Diamond Jaxx
3Stods PoundersMVP BaseballJBA CubsRijo AthleticsRijo Athletics
4Shockwave Baseball ClubMVP BaseballSaintsSeattle Rawlings Tigers
5SaintsWashington A's GoldUntouchables
6Rock Creek SelectCity RoyalPuyallup Blue Jays
7MVP BaseballSeattle Rawlings Tigers Orange
8Spartans Green
9Seattle Rawlings Tigers
8U Division10U AAA11U AAA12U AAA13U AAA14U AAA
1Liberty SelectIBC PurpleIBC GoldStods HawksStods HornetsStods Shockers
2Stods CobrasWildcats BBCSBC Spartans WhiteStods WarriorsShowtime NorthSaints
3Shockwave Baseball ClubSBC Spartans WhiteNW ImpactKitsap RebelsSeattle Rawlings Tigers BlackEmeralds (AB)
4City BaseballStods VikingsStods WolvesGrit City ThunderRival Baseball Club
5JBA CubsShockwave Baseball ClubShockwave Baseball ClubEmeralds (AB)Tritons
6New Level XtremeSBC Spartans BlackMVP BaseballNW Blaze
7NW BlazeProspect U - MarshallPower Baseball
8Seattle Rawlings TigersWoodinville BBC
10City Black


#8U Division9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1Rock Creek SelectSBC Spartans GreenIBC PurpleWildcats BBC - RedSaints EliteLakersKirkland Merchants
2City Baseball NavyEastside SelectSBC Spartans GreenStods WarriorsSBC SpartansSlugger BaseballTC Saints
3Spartans GreenRock Creek SelectEastside Select RedNWDSSilverdale SluggersMarysville PilotsNarrows BBC
4Stods PoundersMoses Lake TomahawksWashington A'sGreenberry AthleticsLegends BBCBombers Baseball ClubCascade Crush
5New Level Xtreme - SkrivanProspect U - StenbergBulldogsProspect U - WagnerRock Creek SelectCity GoldNew Level Xtreme - Mano
6SBC Spartans WhiteNew Level - DjaxxCity NavyProspect United - MedvedichCity NavyRijo Athletics White
7Stods VikingsPSP BaseballSBC Spartans GreenUntouchablesBulldogs Blue
8PSP BaseballPSP BaseballBaden ElitePAC Baseball
9MVP BaseballWashington A's Gold
10IBC Purple
1FuturesFutures WestFutures PremierTugsGH Bearcats
2Eastside Select WhiteBallard Chinooks BaseballHarbor Hit DogsTugs PremierSaints
3Stods WolvesSilverdale SluggersSeattle WaveBainbridge Island MavericksNW Blaze
4MVP BaseballNisqually Elite WhiteBulldogs NavyNisqually EliteNWDS Blue
5UP VikingsUP VikingsSBC Spartans WhiteNW ReignMAC Baseball
6KC MonarchsWildcats BBC - GrayRochester RenegadesNW BlazeWarriors BC
7IBC GoldNW Reign BlackUP VikingsHoquim GrizzliesUP Vikings
8Liberty SelectSouth Thurston HitmenNisqually EliteNWDS OrangeRochester Renegades
9Yakima Valley Dirt DawgsStods HawksEastside Select WhiteWildcats BBCShowtime South
10Black Hills SoxOlympia DodgersAces Baseball
11Bombers Baseball ClubSouth County Aces
12Cascade CrushLaces Baseball
13Stods HornetsTC Saints
14Eastside Huskies


2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Results

Aces Baseball14U AAA130Silver 2nd
Baden Elite12U Majors310Silver 1st
Ballard Chinooks11U AAA310Gold 2nd
BI Mavericks13U AAA210
Black Hills Sox12U AAA030
Bombers Baseball Club12U AAA310Silver 1st
Bombers Baseball Club13U Majors220
Bulldogs10U Majors030
Bulldogs Blue14U Majors220Gold 2nd
Bulldogs Navy12U AAA030
Cascade Crush14U Majors320Gold 1st
Cascade Crush12U AAA120
City Baseball8U Division112Gold 2nd
City Gold13U Majors310Gold 2nd
City Navy11U Majors220Silver 1st
City Navy13U Majors210
Eastside Huskies13U AAA030
Eastside Select9U Division220Silver 1st
Eastside Select Red10U Majors220Silver 1st
Eastside Select White10U AAA210
Eastside Select White12U AAA120
Futures10U AAA030
Futures Premier12U AAA211
Futures West11U AAA120
GH Bearcats14U AAA500Gold 1st
Greenberry Athletics11U Majors120
Harbor Hit Dogs12U AAA120
Hoqium Grizzlies13U AAA130
IBC Gold10U AAA120
IBC Purple11U Majors310Gold 2nd
IBC Purple10U Majors120
KC Monarchs10U AAA400Gold 1st
Kirkland Merchants14U Majors030
Laces Baseball13U AAA030
Lakers Baseball13U Majors030
Legends BBC12U Majors021
Liberty Select10U AAA310Gold 2nd
MAC Baseball14U AAA030
Marysville Pilots13U Majors030
Moses Lake Tomahawks9U Division130Silver 2nd
MVP Baseball10U AAA220Silver 2nd
MVP Baseball9U Division210
Narrows BBC14U Majors310Silver 1st
New Level - DJaxx10U Majors400Gold 1st
New Level Extreme - Mano14U Majors210
New Level Extreme - Skrivan8U Division400Gold 1st
Nisqually Elite11U AAA030
Nisqually Elite12U AAA130
Nisqually Elite13U AAA120
NW Blaze13U AAA320Silver 1st
NW Blaze14U AAA210
NW Reign13U AAA210
NW Reign Black11U AAA220Silver 1st
NWDS14U AAA310Gold 2nd
NWDS11U Majors111
NWDS Orange13U AAA410Gold 2nd
Olympia Dodgers13U AAA220
PAC Baseball14U Majors030
Prospect U - Stenberg9U Division410Gold 2nd
Prospect United - Medvedich12U Majors400Gold 1st
Prospect United - Wagner11U Majors130Silver 2nd
PSP Baseball10U Majors030Silver 2nd
PSP Baseball9U Division210
PSP Baseball11U Majors220
Rijo Athletics White14U Majors210
Rochester Renegades12U AAA410Gold 2nd
Rochester Renegades14U AAA220
Rock Creek Select12U Majors130Silver 2nd
Rock Creek Select8U Division030
Rock Creek Select9U Division030
Saints14U AAA210
Saints 12U Elite12U Majors111
SBC Spartans12U Majors220Gold 2nd
SBC Spartans Green9U Division400Gold 1st
SBC Spartans Green10U Majors210
SBC Spartans Green11U Majors211
SBC Spartans White9U Division030
SBC Spartans White12U AAA111
Seattle Wave12U AAA121Silver 2nd
Showtime South14U AAA220Silver 1st
Silverdale Sluggers11U AAA220
Silverdale Sluggers12U Majors210
Sluggers Baseball13U Majors410Gold 1st
South County Aces13U AAA120
South Thurston Hitmen11U AAA210
Spartans Green8U Division111
Stods Hawks11U AAA120
Stods Hornets12U AAA211
Stods Pounders8U Division121
Stods Vikings9U Division120
Stods Warriors11U Majors400Gold 1st
Stods Wolves10U AAA030
TC Saints14U Majors220Silver 2nd
TC Saints13U AAA310
Tugs13U AAA030
Tugs Premier13U AAA220Silver 2nd
Untouchables12U Majors030
UP Vikings11U AAA400Gold 1st
UP Vikings12U AAA500Gold 1st
UP Vikings10U AAA220
UP Vikings14U AAA030
Warriors BBC14U AAA120
Washington A's10U Majors310Gold 2nd
Washington A's Gold11U Majors120
Wildcats BBC13U AAA500Gold 1st
Wildcats BBC Gray11U AAA130Silver 2nd
Wildcats BBC Red11U Majors030
Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs10U AAA220Silver 1st

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