Pink out the NW – Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament

April 24th through April 25th
Tacoma, WA | Fife, WA

JANUARY 26th – Next update will be provided January 29th. The Friday one week prior to the scheduled start of games we will be notified what if any regions will be available based on whether or not they are in Phase 2. If they are in Phase 2, we will be able to schedule games the following week and we will notify teams that Friday (8 days in advance) if the games are on. We will be required to follow all state guidelines for phase 2 as well as any additional requirements from our facility partners. We will need to restructure our weekends to eliminate the tournament environment but we will be able to schedule competitive games in regions who are actively in Phase 2. All we ask is that if you are signed up to play and want to play, please make sure your coaches, players and parents are able and willing to follow all requirements and that they are communicated clearly to them.


  • AGE DIVISIONS8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors (9/10U AAA is no leadoff/dropped third. 11-14U AAA is played with same rules as Majors but are typically less physically developed teams)
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • BAT RULESUSA Bat Standard
  • FORMAT2 pool play games and single elimination brackets. Amount of teams determines gold, silver, and bronze brackets
  • FIELDSPierce County
  • SCHEDULEAll teams need to be available to play Saturday at 8:00am
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5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament


#8U Division9U Division10U Division11U Division12U Division13U Division14U Division
1Nisqually EliteRock Creek SelectNew Level XtremeRock Creek SelectSBC Spartans GreenVeloTechPrime Athletics - Stemp
2New Level XtremeMVP BaseballMVP BaseballMVP Baseball (AAA)Prospect U - PetersonRidge Baseball
3Prospect U - CraigNW Blaze MaroonRival Baseball (AAA)MVP BaseballSluggers
4NW Blaze MaroonBulldogs Blue (AAA)Bulldogs Red (AAA)MAC Baseball GoldTC Saints - LK
5Saints (AAA)Prime Athletics (AAA)Edmonds Baseball Assoc.Bulldogs Red (AAA)
6Shoreline Royals (AAA)Nisqually Elite (AAA)WA Wolverines (AAA)Prime Athletics - Sattler (AAA)
7Woodinville BBC (AAA)NW Blaze (AAA)Snohomish Sox (AAA)
8Sluggers (AAA)Showtime North (AAA)
9Prime Athletics - Oster (AAA)Venom (AAA)
10Kitsap Rebels (AAA)Driveline Academy (AAA)
11Rival Baseball (AAA)Covington Titans (AAA)
12Driveline Academy (AAA)NW Blaze (AAA)
13Power (AAA)Bulldogs Blue (AAA)
14Monte Bulldogs (AAA)
15Wildcats (AAA)
16Black Hills Sox Prospects (AAA)

2020 Participants

AVAIL.9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1IBC PurpleSpartans GreenIBC PurpleIBC PurpleStods SelectStods Vipers
2Stods KnightsRock Creek SelectSBC Spartans GreenShowtime North RedTC Saints - PenickNL Diamond Jaxx
3Stods PoundersMVP BaseballEastside SelectJBA CubsProspect U - RavenRijo Athletics
4Shockwave Baseball ClubNL XtremeMVP BaseballSaintsSeattle Rawlings Tigers
5SaintsWashington A's GoldUntouchablesSlugger Baseball
6Rock Creek SelectCity RoyalPuyallup Blue JaysSC Prospects
7MVP BaseballStods WarriorsTC Saints - LarsonNew Level Xtreme - Ringrose
8Spartans GreenRippers BlackUP VikingsBBB Kings
9Seattle Rawlings TigersSBC Spartans GreenProspect U - Long
10Showtime North
8U Division10U AAA11U AAA12U AAA13U AAA14U AAA
1Liberty SelectIBC PurpleIBC GoldStods HawksStods HornetsStods Shockers
2Stods CobrasWildcats BBCSBC Spartans WhiteUP VikingsShowtime NorthSaints
3Shockwave Baseball ClubSBC Spartans WhiteNW ImpactKitsap RebelsSeattle Rawlings Tigers BlackEmeralds (AB)
4City BaseballStods VikingsStods WolvesGrit City ThunderSeattle Rawlings Tigers OrangeRival Baseball Club
5JBA CubsShockwave Baseball ClubShockwave Baseball ClubEmeralds (AB)Nisqually EliteTritons
6New Level XtremeSBC Spartans BlackMVP BaseballNW BlazeRochester RenegadesGrays Harbor Tide
7Rock Creek SelectNW BlazeProspect U - MarshallPower BaseballEast County RoyalsNisqually Elite
8Nisqually EliteSeattle Rawlings TigersWoodinville BBCPlateau AvengersTMC Misfits Baseball
9Kitsap OspreysMckee Enterprises BaseballSluggersEast County Royals
10Seattle Rawlings TigersLake Stevens ArsenalCity BlackSouth County Aces
11Black Hills Sox
12MAC Baseball
13Showtime North White


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