Hub City Series – Sold Out

February 19th through February 21st
Centralia, Washington

JANUARY 15TH – INDOOR EVENTS: The WEST REGION has not advanced to phase 2, therefore, we will be cancelling our games scheduled for January 22-24th. Next update will be provided January 22nd. The Friday one week prior to the scheduled start of games we will be notified if the NW Sports Hub will be available based on whether or not their region is in Phase 2. If they are in Phase 2, we will be able to schedule games and we will notify teams that Friday if the games are on. There will be a limit of 24 players, coaches, and parents per team and everyone in the building needs to wear a mask while not actively playing. Streaming options will be available. ALL OTHER SCHEDULE EVENTS: As long as regions move into phase 2 we will be hosting games. We will need to restructure our weekends to eliminate the tournament environment but we will be able to schedule competitive games in regions who are actively in Phase 2.


  • AGE DIVISIONS8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U
  • MAX ENTRIES42 Teams - Must pay by Dec. 1st to secure spot
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00 - payment due by Dec. 1st to secure spot
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • FORMATDetermined by amount of teams per division
  • FIELDSNW Sports Hub - indoors/turfed
  • SCHEDULETeams must be available to play Friday by 5:00pm
  • GATE FEE$10.00 for weekend pass
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4th Annual Hub City Series

Who’s Coming

42/42 Team Slots Filled: Entries are not secured until team is registered and paid

Avail9U Division10U Division11U Division12U Division
1FSP BaseballRiver City A'sSBC Spartans WhiteSBC Spartans Green
2Rijo AthleticsEastlake Arsenal (AAA)CavalryRiver City A's
3SBC Spartans GreenFederal Way Knights (AAA)Savage BaseballRain City Royals Blue
4Liberty SelectHavoc (AAA)Rijo SandersAces BBC (AAA)
5Lake Stevens RiptideDivision FullSBC Spartans GreenTwin Pines (AAA)
6New Level XtremeSC Steelheads (AAA)West Linn GreenKitsap Osprey (AAA)
7Division FullTwin Pines (AAA)Pilots (AAA)
8Greenberry Athletics (AAA)Lookouts Drifters (AAA)
9Lookouts Legends (AAA)Mavericks Northwest (AAA)
10Milltown Baseball (AAA)Greenberry Athletics (AAA)
11Snohomish Pilchuckers (AAA)Rijo South (AAA)
12Aces BBC (AAA)Lookouts Crimson (AAA)
13Rijo Athletics - McCorkle (AAA)Bridgetown Baseball (AAA)
14FSP Baseball (AAA)PAC Baseball (AAA)
15Prime (AAA)SC Angels (AAA)
16Bulldogs Blue (AAA)Rain City Royals White (AAA)
Division FullDivision Full


  1. No outside food or drinks. Refillable water bottles are allowed and there is a full service restaurant located inside the NW Sports Hub.
  2. $10.00 gate fee (cash only) for anyone 13 years old and up. Coaches and players are free.
  3. All games are 80 minutes (clock starts at the plate meeting). There is not a lot of time between games. Please be ready to get your stuff moved into the dugout and have your players ready to go in order to stay on time.
  4. In the last inning or last declared inning – the losing team will bat first. If the do not tie or take a lead, the winning team will bat until time expires.
    1. If there is still time remaining after the winning team bats, we will continue play.
    2. A new inning starts as soon as the final out of the previous inning has been recorded.
    3. The last declared inning will be any inning starting under the 15 minute mark.
    4. Bracket games requiring a winner will go to a bases loaded – 1 out tie breaker
  5. 8-10U games the first color break on the net will be played as the home run fence. For 11-12U games the second color break will mark a home run.
  6. The ceiling net will be played as a live ball (as if it were the sky) while all other netting will be played as a fence.
    1. A ball caught of the ceiling net will be ruled an out.
    2. A ball that lands in fair/foul or rolls fair/foul after bouncing off the ceiling net will be ruled accordingly.
  7. A coin flip will determine home and away.
    1. If you are playing back to back, you will be home in the second game in order to give everyone adequate time to get ready and be prepared.
  8. There is a max of 5 runs allowed per inning. Any runs scored after 5 will not be counted. The last inning or last declared innings will not have a run limit.
  9. Run rules are 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5.
  10. Pitchers can throw a maximum of 8 innings for the event. Pitchers can throw a maximum of 6 innings in a given day. Once a pitcher throws more than 3 innings they are required one day of rest. 1 pitch constitutes and inning pitched.


2020 Participants

40/40 Team Slots Filled – If you are interested in adding to waitlist email Unpaid teams by January 15th will be removed and replaced by waitlisted teams.

#8U Division10U AAA11U AAA11U Majors12U AAA12U Majors
1Stods CobrasEllensburg BluesGreenberry AthleticsRijo AthleticsWA Rush BlackLake Sammamish
2Liberty SelectClimbersTitansPremierNW BenchwarmersMavericks Northwest
3City BaseballSBC Spartans BlackSavage BaseballWA Athletics PurpleSBC Spartans WhiteNorth County Ballers
4New Level XtremeTwin PinesSluggersFederal Way KnightsBallard ChinooksPremier
5SBC Spartans GreenProspect U - BoyovichLake Stevens RiptideNew Level XtremeEllensburg BluesLayritz
6Mill Creek MavericksPremierBaden BlackTwin PinesRenegadesRedhawks
7Division FullEastlake Arsenal - StormentLangleyDivision FullMontesano BulldogsNL Djaxx - Moore
8Lake Stevens RiptideWestviewThurston County OutlawsLookouts
9City Baseball 9UDivision FullPAC BaseballDivision Full
10Lake Stevens ArsenalDivision Full
11Division Full

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