March Madness

March 7th through March 8th
Tacoma, WA


  • AGE DIVISIONS9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors (9/10U AAA is no leadoff/dropped third. 11-14U AAA is played with same rules as Majors but are typically less physically developed teams)
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • BAT RULESUSA Bat Standards
  • FORMAT2 pool play games and single elimination brackets. Amount of teams determines gold, silver, and bronze brackets.
  • Heritage Rec Center
  • SCHEDULEAll teams need to be ready to play Saturday by 8:00am
  • GATE FEESERA: $3.00
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6th Annual March Madness Tourney

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Who’s Coming

Avail.9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1SaintsFederal Way KnightsDragons EliteSouth Sound AvalancheUnder Armour Prospect U
2Spartans GreenRijo AthleticsSeattle Rawlings Tigers
3Seattle Rawlings TigersEastside Select
4Porspect U - Raven
5Seattle Rawlings Tigers Orange
7The Hitmen
1WA RushNW ImpactWoodinville BBCBulldogs
2Eastlake Arsenal - StormentKenmore CardinalsWildcats GraySeattle Rawlings Tigers Black
3Redmond RebelsDragons EliteBallard Chinooks
4Prospect U - BoyovichSpartans Green 10UCentralia Outlaws
5Kitsap Ospreys


#9U Division10U AAA11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1River City A'sWashington A'sWashington A's GoldWashington A'sStods ShockersRijo Athletics Black
2Rock Creek SelectCity GoldDragons EliteCascade CrushRippers BlackCascade Crush
3City NavyMonte BulldogsLake SammamishDragons EliteSpokane Angels NW Bandits
4Monte BulldogsTitansNL - Djaxx PrimeBombers BBCDragons EliteDragons Elite
5Spartans GreenRedmond RebelsWashington A's PurplePSP Powerhouse BlueCascade CrushProspect U - Austin
6PSP PowerhouseSeattle SelectWest Seattle SteelheadsPSP Powerhouse BlackNW BanditsRippers Gold
7Prospect UnitedNW BlazeSBC Spartans GreenRochester RenegadesBombers BBCMAC Baseball
8FW KnightsStods WarriorsGrays Harbor TideGarco CrewRochester Renegades
9PSP PowerhousePSP PowerhouseSaintsVaughan BulldogsNL Xtreme - McLeod
10Monte BulldogsBainbridge MavericksWA Rush White


2019 March Madness Results

Bombers Baseball Club12U Division121Silver 2nd
Bombers Baseball Club13U Division220
Cascade Crush12U Division120
Cascade Crush13U Division310Gold 2nd
Cascade Crush14U Division210
City Baseball9U Division120
City Gold10U AAA120
DJAXX Prime11U Majors500Gold 1st
Dragons Elite11U Majors030
Dragons Elite12U Division310Gold 2nd
Dragons Elite13U Division130
Dragons Elite14U Division320Gold 2nd
FW Knights10U AAA220
Garco Crew13U Division210
Grays Harbor Tide12U Division120
Lake Sammaish11U Majors220
MAC Baseball14U Division030
Mavericks12U Division030
Montesano Bulldogs10U AAA130Silver 2nd
Montesano Bulldogs11U Majors030
Montesano Bulldogs9U Division030
New Level Xtreme14U Division210
NW Bandits13U Division410Gold 1st
NW Bandits14U Division220Silver 1st
NW Blaze10U AAA210
Prospect United9U Division500Gold 1st
Prospect United - Austin14U Division030
PSP Powerhouse10U AAA400Gold 1st
PSP Powerhouse11U Majors310Gold 2nd
PSP Powerhouse9U Division310Gold 2nd
PSP Powerhouse Black12U Division410Gold 1st
PSP Powerhouse Blue12U Division220
Redmond Rebels10U AAA030
Rijo Select Black14U Division400Gold 1st
Rippers Black13U Division030
Rippers Gold14U Division120
River City A's9U Division220
Rochest Renegades12U Division210
Rochest Renegades14U Division220Silver 2nd
Rock Creek Select9U Division030
Saints12U Division120
SBC Spartans Green11U Majors120
SBC Spartans Green9U Division220
Seattle Select10U AAA220Silver 1st
Spokane Angels13U Division210
Stods Shockers13U Division120
Stods Warriors11U Majors310Silver 1st
Titans10U AAA120
Vaughaun Bulldogs13U Division130Silver 2nd
WA A's10U AAA310Gold 2nd
WA A's Gold11U Majors120
WA A's Purple11U Majors210
WA Rush White13U Division310Silver 1st
Washington A's12U Division310Silver 2nd
West Seattle Steelheards11U Majors130Silver 2nd

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