Our Sister’s House Tournament

March 20th through March 21st
Tacoma, WA


  • Who is Our Sisters' House?Watch Video
  • Visit Our Sisters' HouseWebsite
  • AGE DIVISIONS9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors (9/10U AAA is no leadoff/dropped third. 11-14U AAA is played with same rules as Majors but are typically less physically developed teams)
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • FORMAT2 pool play games and single elimination brackets. Amount of teams determines gold, silver, and bronze brackets
  • FIELDSPierce County
  • SCHEDULEAll teams need to be available to play Saturday at 8:00am
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Our Sister’s House (OSH) Tournament is one of our favorite events! This is a chance for the large baseball community to come together to support our local community in the best way possible! Through the game of baseball. OSH provides advocacy, education and support to women, youth and families that have been victimized and impacted by domestic violence. Let’s create unforgettable memories with friends and family through the game of baseball.

More Info: www.oursistershouse.com

Watch Video: CLICK HERE


5th Annual Our Sister’s House

Avail9U Division10U Division11U Division12U Division13U Division14U Division
1Driveline AcademyEastlake Arsenal (AAA)Mavericks NorthwestNarrows BaseballVeloTechPuyallup Blue Jays
2JBA CubsShoreline Royals (AAA)NW Blaze MaroonArsenal - OlynykShowtime Navy NorthRedmond Dudes
3ShockwaveNarrows BaseballAces Baseball Club (AAA)NW NaturalsNW Naturals
4Eastlake Arsenal Cardinal (AAA)Bulldogs Red (AAA)Olympia BBCSaints
58U DivisionDriveline Academy (AAA)NW Impact (AAA)MVP BaseballRock Creek Select
6Nisqually EliteSBC Spartans White (AAA)Driveline Academy (AAA)JBA CubsTumwater Baseball Club (AAA)
7Shoreline Royals (AAA)Bombers 12U (AAA)Prospect U - Peterson (AAA)Renton Rebels (AAA)
8UP Vikings Blue (AAA)SBC Spartans White (AAA)Rival Baseball (AAA)
9Kitsap Osprey (AAA)Wildcats BBC (AAA)Puyallup Mavericks (AAA)
10SBC Spartans Black (AAA)Mavericks NW (AAA)WA Rush Blue (AAA)
11Rijo South 11/12U (AAA)TC Saints (AAA)

Who’s Coming

Avail.9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Division14U Majors
1EBA Select NavyShowtime North RedTC Saints LarsonColumbia Reach
2Shoreline RoyalsShowtime North NavyNarrows BaseballSeattle Rawlings Tigers
3UntouchablesProspect U - PremierSeattle Rawlings Tigers BlackSlugger Baseball
4Eastside SelectJBA CubsRippers GoldRage Baseball
5Washington A's GoldHarbor Hit DogsNarrows Baseball
6NL Diamond Jaxx -HenkelWashington A's GoldProspect U - Long
7Rippers BlackDragons Elite
8Seattle Rawlings Tigers Orange
1EBA SelectEastlake ArsenalShowtime North WhiteOlympia Baseball Club
2Eastlake Arsenal - StormentNW ImpactWildcats GraySaints
3Shockwave Baseball ClubEBA Select CardinalGatorsPower
4Mavericks NorthwestWildcats BBCUP VikingsTacoma Baseball Club
5LC ClosersSBC Spartans WhiteBlack Hills SoxRippers Gold
6SBC Spartans WhiteTitansCoal Creek Baseball ClubTMC Misfits Baseball
790TenNorthwest Select MavericksRochester Renegades
8DiablosGrays Harbor Tide
9WA Rush White


#10U Majors11U Majors12U Division13U Majors14U Majors
1Shoreline RoyalsSaints EliteBaden TitansNarrows BBC
2Whatcom PrepShoreline RoyalsStods VipersMaverick Red
3Seattle Rawlings TigersEastside SelectRippers BlackFOC Bears
4Prospect U - WagnerMI ThunderFM SportsKOA Baseball
5Showtime NorthStods SelectBellevue BBC
6South Thurston HitmenOilers (aaa)Slugger Baseball
7MI ThunderCity Gold (aaa)Spokane Angels
8City Black (aaa)Columbia Reach
9FOC Bears Black
1Shoreline RoyalsJBA Cubs WhiteRage BaseballRippers Gold
2GatorsSpartans WhiteCity WhiteUP Vikings
3BI MavericksCity GoldBI MavericksSaints
4UP Vikings 9UMI LightningSouth County AcesShowtime South
5Baden BombersUP VikingsWoodinville BBCEastside Huskies
6Montesano BulldogsSluggers BaseballEastside HuskiesCity Gold
7West Valley BBCJBA Cubs NavyVaughan Bulldogs
8MI ThunderHoquim RescomTacoma BBC
9MI LightningMavericksFOC Bears Blue
10River City A'sRiver City A'sWA Rush White
11UntouchablesRenton RebelsBaden Islanders
12Wildcats BBC



2019 Our Sisters' House Results

Baden Bombers10U AAA310
Baden Islanders13U AAA130Silver 2nd
Baden Titans13U Majors310Silver 1st
Bellevue BBC13U Majors030
City Black12U Division130Silver 2nd
City Gold12U Division030
City Gold14U Division210
City White13U AAA120
Columbia Reach13U Majors220
Eastside Huskies14U Division130Silver 2nd
Eastside Select12U Division310Gold 2nd
FM Sports13U Majors030
FOC Bears14U Division400Gold 1st
FOC Bears Black13U Majors211Gold 2nd
FOC Bears Blue13U AAA310Silver 1st
Gators10U AAA130Silver 2nd
Hoquim Rescom11U AAA030
JBA Cubs Navy11U AAA220Silver 2nd
JBA Cubs White11U AAA220Silver 1st
KOA Baseball14U Division220
Mavericks11U AAA410Gold 1st
Mavericks13U AAA120
Mavericks Bainbridge10U AAA030
Mavericks Red14U Division120
MI Lightning10U AAA030Silver 1st
MI Lightning11U AAA030
MI Thunder10U AAA220
MI Thunder11U Majors021
MI Thunder12U Division210Silver 1st
Montesano Bulldogs10U AAA120
Narrows14U Division310Gold 2nd
Oilers12U Division120
Prospect United - Wagner11U Majors120
Rage Baseball13U AAA500Gold 1st
Renton Rebels11U AAA210
Rippers14U Division120
Rippers Black13U Majors111
River City A's10U AAA120
River City A's11U AAA320Gold 2nd
Saints14U Division310Silver 1st
SBC Spartans White11U AAA210
Seattle Rawlings Tigers11U Majors310Gold 2nd
Shoreline Royals10U AAA220
Shoreline Royals12U Division120
Shoreline Royals 11U11U Majors130Silver 2nd
Showtime North11U Majors120
Showtime South14U Division130
Slugger Baseball11U AAA210
Slugger Baseball13U Majors121Silver 2nd
South County Aces13U AAA030
South Thurston Hitmen11U Majors111Silver 1st
Spokane Angels13U Majors110
Stods Select12U Division400Gold 1st
Stods Vipers13U Majors400Gold 1st
Tacoma BBC13U AAA310Gold 2nd
Untouchables10U AAA500Gold 1st
UP Vikings11U AAA210
UP Vikings14U Division030
UP Vikings 9U10U AAA210
Vaughan Bulldogs13U AAA220
WA Rush White13U AAA120
West Valley BBC10U AAA310Gold 2nd
Whatcom Prep11U Majors400Gold 1st
Wildcats BBC13U AAA310
Woodinville BBC13U AAA030

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