Posted May 15th – All events through the end of Phase 2 have been cancelled. There is a slim chance to run events in some capacity during Phase 3 (June 13th) and on. According to most facilities, we will have the ability to host tournaments beginning in Phase 4 – which as of today has been identified as the weekend of JULY 11TH and 12TH.

Youth Tournament Pitching Restrictions

Age GroupTournament MaxDaily MaxNo RestOne Day Rest
9U and 10U8 Innings6 innings3 or less inningsMore than 3 innings
11U and 12U 8 Innings6 innings3 or less inningsMore than 3 innings
13U and 14UAll 13U-14U Teams will not have pitching restrictions. How a team uses their pitchers is entirely up to their discretion. We do suggest that teams consider following the USA Baseball Pitch Smart Guidelines when trying to protect the future of their players.CLICK TO VIEW PITCH SMART GUIDELINES.

In the case that a team uses an ineligible pitcher, he will immediately be removed from the game and the head coach will be ejected from the current game plus one.  No forfeit is rewarded and the new pitcher will have adequate time to get warmed up.

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