Northwest Regional Championship

June 13th through June 14th
Tacoma, WA | Renton, WA | Olympia, WA

September 17th: The youth and high school schedules have been set for the 2021 tournament season. Our indoor events over the winter have all been approved (always subject to change) and registrations for all events will open up October 1st. All entry fees paid prior to Jan. 1st are 100% refundable or creditable if an event is postponed due to COVID-19. All teams will also be eligible to receive a $50.00 discount when paying prior to January 1st. Teams paying between January 1st and two weeks prior to the event will all pay full price. Registration fees collected within two weeks of an event will have additional fees.


  • AGE DIVISIONS9U, 10,U 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U
  • LEVELSAAA and Majors (9/10U AAA is no leadoff/dropped third. 11-14U AAA is played with same rules as Majors but are typically less physically developed teams)
  • ENTRY FEE$500.00
  • GUARANTEE3 games
  • BAT RULESUSA Bat Standard
  • FORMAT2 pool play games and single elimination brackets. Amount of teams determines gold, silver, and bronze brackets
  • Petrovitsky
  • Underwood
  • Ft. Steilacoom
  • LBA
  • Stevens
  • SCHEDULEAll teams need to be ready to play Saturday at 8:00am.
  • GATE FEE$3.00 per day at SERA Park
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6th Annual Northwest Regional Championship

Who’s Coming

Team9U Division10U Majors11U Majors12U Majors13U Majors14U Majors
1MVP BaseballBulldogs BlueBulldogsShowtime North RedNL Xtreme PikeBaden Titans
2City NavyMVP BaseballSeattle Select BlackRock Creek SelectNW Naturals
3New Level XtremeCity NavyProspect U - PremierShowtime North
4Seattle Select BlackJBA CubsRijo Athletics
5New Level XtremeSeattle Select BlackTC Saints
6NL Diamond Jaxx -HenkelSC Prospects
7Northwest Select MavericksBBB Kings
8Showtime North NavyProspect U - Long
9NL Diamond Jaxx
1Olympia Baseball ClubShowtime RedFutures NavyNorthwest ReignOlympia Baseball Club
2Futures PremierSaintsNL KingsLaces Baseball
3MVP BaseballShowtime North WhiteShowtime NorthTugs Premier
4BBB KingsKitsap OspreyNW Blaze Maroon
5Prospect U - MarshallBBB KingsGrays Harbor Tide
6Lake MonstersNW BlazeNew Level Kings
7Northwest ImpactNew Level KingsSouth County Aces
8UP Vikings
10Black Hills Sox
11Wildcats Gray


#9U Division10U Division11U Majors12U Majors13U Division14U Division
1NW ReignWA Select WarriorsShowtime NorthNorthwest NaturalsSaintsSnohomish County Prospects
2Seattle Select BlackLake SammamishRock Creek SelectProspect U - longAces Baseball
3NSB All StarsRock Creek SelectProspect U - MedvedichSteelheads BBCGH Bearcats
4West Seattle All StarsPuyallup Cal Ripken - BlueLynden BaseballTugs PremierWashington A's Gold
5FuturesProspect U - WagnerShoreline RoyalsSpartansNorthwest Naturals
6GatorsWest Seattle SteelheadsBaden EliteTugsCity Gold
7MVP BaseballDiamond DogsNW BlazeGreen Lake Monsters
8Puyallup Cal Ripken - RedLangley BaseballTugs
9NW BlazeOlympicRijo Athletics White
10Trout Lake LakersRenegades Baseball
11West Linn LionsSeattle Select
12Tacoma Cardinals
13Liberty Select11U AAA12U AAA
1Futures WestFederal Way Knights
2UP VikingsSeattle Wave
3Emerald City BaseballFutures Premier
4Prospect U - MartinezPort Angeles 12U
5Showtime North NavyWest Linn
6Stods HornetsStods Hornets
7Puyallup Cal Ripken - RedKirkland Baseball
8Northwest Reign BlackMaltby Pony All-Stars
9Black Hill - NationalsCascade Crush
10Power BaseballMontesano Bulldogs
11Black Hills DirtbagsSBC Spartans
12Silverdale SluggersNisqually Elite
13Port AngelesElma
14JBA Cubs - Navy
15JBA Cubs - White
16Radiator Whiskey



2019 NW Regional Championships Results

Aces Baseball14U Division120
Baden Elite12U Majors220
Marysville Pilots13U AAA120
QAB Renegades13U AAA210
Spartans BBC13U AAA220
Sting13U AAA120
Stods Shockers13U AAA210
TC Saints13U AAA210
Baden Red13U Majors030
Narrows13U Majors210
New Level Kings Seibert13U Majors120
West Seattle Steelheads13U Majors120
CF Sasquatch14U AAA130
Mavericks - Night14U AAA030
NW Blaze14U AAA210
Olympic14U AAA030
Puyallup Rainiers14U AAA130
Seattle Select14U AAA210
UP Vikings14U AAA210
Warriors BC14U AAA120
Federal Way Knights14U Majors030
WW Sweets14U Majors120
Futures10U AAA030
Black Hill - Nationals11U AAA120
Black Hills Dirtbags11U AAA310
Cascade Crush12U AAA410Gold 2nd
City Gold14U Division210
Diamond Dogs12U Majors120
Elma12U AAA111
Emerald City Baseball11U AAA130Silver 2nd
Federal Way Knights12U AAA500Gold 1st
Futures Premier12U AAA310
Futures West11U AAA030
Gators10U AAA120
GH Bearcats14U Division210
Green Lake Monsters14U Division130Silver 2nd
Kirkland Baseball12U AAA310
Laces Baseball13U AAA210
Lake Sammamish11U Majors120
Langley Baseball13U AAA030
Liberty Select10U AAA210
Lynden Baseball12U Majors400Gold 1st
Maltby Pony All-Stars12U AAA120
Montesano Bulldogs12U AAA120
MVP Baseball10U AAA310Silver 1st
Nisqually Elite12U AAA021
Northwest Naturals12U Majors120
Northwest Naturals14U Division410Gold 2nd
Northwest Reign Black11U AAA500Gold 1st
NSB All Stars10U AAA320Gold 2nd
NW Blaze10U AAA120
NW Blaze13U AAA400Gold 1st
Olympic13U AAA120
Port Angeles 11U11U AAA021
Port Angeles 12U12U AAA030
Power Baseball11U AAA120
Prospect U - Long13U AAA210
Prospect U - Wagner11U Majors030
Prospect United - Martinez11U AAA310
Prospect United - Medvedich12U Majors220Gold 2nd
Puyallup Cal Ripken - Blue11U Majors301Gold 1st
Puyallup Cal Ripken - Red10U AAA210
Puyallup Cal Ripken - Red11U AAA310Silver 1st
Radiator Whiskey11U AAA410Gold 2nd
Renegades Baseball14U Division310Silver 1st
Rijo Athletics White14U Division410Gold 1st
Rock Creek Select11U Majors311Gold 2nd
Rock Creek Select12U Majors120
Saints13U AAA310Gold 2nd
SBC Spartans12U AAA130Silver 2nd
Seattle Select14U Division120
Seattle Select Black10U AAA220
Seattle Wave12U AAA320Silver 1st
Shoreline Royals12U Majors120
Showtime North11U Majors120
Showtime North Navy11U AAA130
Sluggers Baseball11U AAA111
Snohomish County Prospects14U Division030
Steelheads Baseball Club13U AAA310Silver 1st
Stods Hornets12U AAA120
Tacoma Cardinals10U AAA130Silver 2nd
Trout Lake Lakers10U AAA310
Tugs13U AAA030
Tugs14U Division030
Tugs Premier13U AAA130Silver 2nd
UP Vikings11U AAA120
WA Select Warriors10U AAA130
West Linn Lions10U AAA030
West Linn Lions12U AAA030
West Seattle All Stars10U AAA500Gold 1st
West Seattle Steelheads11U Majors220

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